Exhibo, proven highway to the Italian market

For 60 years, Exhibo has dedicated itself with passion and talent in distributing extraordinary products and solutions in the world of audio, acoustics, communication and security throughout Italy.

For over six decades Exhibo has been enabling premium international manufacturers of audio, communication and security products and systems to enter the Italian market. With Exhibo assistance, these manufacturers have consistently gained top-three market share positions within their respective market segments in Italy.

Since Exhibo’s foundation in 1958, it has proven to be endowed by a natural flair for understanding what products will thrive in Italy and reach rapid growth patterns backed by dynamic marketing support, sales efforts and consulting and assistance services. Thus, Exhibo has managed to build long lasting partnerships with a select number of manufacturers, whereby it does not merely act as their local distributor, but in effect as their local subsidiary and sales arm.

Exhibo’s portfolio of brands and products is built with particular care so that the best fit and balance is attained. The specific objectives are that cannibalisation is avoided, that products complement each other and that clear-cut market positioning is maintained.

In parallel, the wealth of know-how gathered by Exhibo’s staff over the decades has enabled it to extend its portfolio to include audio, ambient acoustic, sound proofing, communication and security systems, as well as tailor-made systems. These solutions always comply with the strictest requirements in terms of openness of architecture, scalability, modularity and, of course, quality content.

Exhibo knows its complex country in depth as well as the habits and the mindset of its compatriots stemming from a variegated and long historical background. It was far from easy to develop Exhibo’s extensive distribution network of sales partners and channels, which is now one of the cornerstones of the business. To this has been added an ever-increasing number of direct relationships with decision makers, trend setters, testimonials, innovators, journalists and expert advisers that are further contributing to Exhibo’s – and, most importantly, its partners’ – enduring success.

In the delivery of its products, systems and services Exhibo relies heavily on its internal laboratories, quality controls, simulation tools, integrated logistics facilities, management information systems and fine tuned processes that have been awarded the UNI-EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard and provide it with a particularly effective bedrock for teamwork and lean operations.



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